43 Social Media Marketing Tips

social media marketing tips

Never claimed to be a social media marketing expert but I thought I'd pass on some tips, tricks and idea's on how to improve your social media marketing.

Let's get to it...

1Have a social media marketing goal. If you don’t know where you want to go, it’s pretty hard to get there.


2Promote your most popular posts – and that goes for blog posts as well as social media posts.


3If you hate tracking, at least track with Facebook Insights. It’ll show you a lot about your Page progress.


4How do you get the conversation going on social media? Try humor and controversy. They’re very powerful.


5Social media is a powerful thing, but never mistake fooling around with being productive. Stay focused!


6Click FB Insights’ “Posts>When Your Fans are Online” to see your audience’s peak posting times. (Post during these times!)


7Look for questions repeated over and over on your chosen social networks. Provide the definitive answer.


8Analyze your own tweets. Which types got most retweeting? Most Interaction? Questions, graphics or ?


9Don’t be shy with your social media presence. Go for it – but be authentic – and be social!


10Still trying to be everyone’s “friend”? Each connection counts – and speaks loudly about who you are to your other connections.



11If you want your social content to social content to attract, do your best to share quality tips that are really unique


12Make sure you speak with an identifiable, individual voice when posting social content. Your posts should never sound “canned”.


13Be consistent and post regularly during your audience’s peak posting times on any social networks you’ve chosen to frequent.


14If you use Pinterest regularly, make sure you also access http://nitrogr.am/ for powerful, easy to use Pinterest analytics.


15Use http://nitrogr.am/ for easy hashtag monitoring. (Let your social networking friends know about this, too.)


16Posts people skip most? Highly personal negative posts complaining about illness and problems.  (Do you agree?)


17Include a mix of rich media in your social content. Video, photos, Instagram and Vine looping video clips.


18Vine video clips loop. Instagram video clips don’t. Vine streams on Twitter; Instagram videos on Facebook.


19Vine videos are 6 seconds long. Instagram are 15 seconds. How can you use this information for your marketing?


20Tapping your screen for a Vine video starts filming. Tapping your screen for an Instagram video just adjusts focus.



21Be sure you don’t use any banned hashtags with your Instagram photos or videos: http://thedatapack.com/banned-hashtags-instagram/


22Use Instagram hashtags to crowd-source user-generated content as well as extend your own reach.


23Remember that Instagram hashtags are not case-sensitive and don’t work with spaces or special characters.


24If your preferred social platform doesn’t have good native analytics, look for third party sites that provide it.


25Give your new product campaign a name – and start talking about it on your social media.


26Make sure all new product posts are made regularly. Don’t let gaps occur. Keep it fresh in people’s minds (without overdoing it.)


27Don’t tell everyone too much at once about your upcoming project. Mystery breeds interest! Hints and teasers are part of the fun.


28Use survey monkey.com to create free surveys. You can ask questions for your new product idea and share the link on social media.


29If you’re advertising on Facebook, remember your ad images, including the thumbnail, cannot include more than 20% text.


30Take advantage of the fact you can now use text, arrows and calls to action in Facebook Cover –photos.



31Facebook Profile photos are square and display at 160 x 160 pixels – but remember Facebook wants you to upload at 180 x 180.


32At the very least, include a Facebook app tab leading to your sign-up page or form (and use a clear, easy-to-read call to action.)


33You can display 3 custom app tabs of your choice in your Facebook header section. Make the most of this “real estate”!


34Only your short description displays in your Facebook header section, but fill out your Profile 100% for max searchability.


35Select “Replies On” in your Page Admin panel “Manage Permissions” section to increase the conversation on your Page.


36If you consistently get endorsements that are not relevant on LinkedIn, be aware you can remove endorsements completely.


37Check “Who’s Viewed Your Profile” in LinkedIn to see who is finding you – as well as the keywords they used.


38In your LinkedIn Privacy and Settings page, "Select what others see when you've viewed their profile” to keep it private - or not.


39In Google+ posts, encase text in asterisks for bold and underscore it to create italics. (Share this tip!)



40Did you know Google+ makes animated .GIFs from your photos? Just type the keyword “motion” in your Photos section to find them.


41Use the Google+ Ripples feature to track your posts by clicking the top-right arrow in your post.


42Use the Google+ Ripples feature to track your posts by clicking the top-right arrow in your post.


43Use the Google+ Ripples feature to track your posts by clicking the top-right arrow in your post.


This is the end. There is no more. Why are you still reading?

Okay, maybe you have something to add? I'd love to hear your favorite or most successful social media marketing tactic. Sre I am not the only one.

So, leave your comment below. If you found this useful, please share if on your social profiles.

Creating Tweets That Go Viral on Twitter

Tweets That Go Viral On Twitter

Let's start this with what going viral means.  In Internet Marketing it can be a video clip, ebook, report, blog post, etc., that gains huge popularity and is spread quickly, like a virus. How it is spread is through social media and one very successful way is through Twitter.

What that means to you as a marketer is that instead of just hoping and praying for your brand, or report, or article to go viral, you can use various methods to help it along.  In many ways, Twitter is like the perfect storm... it's riding a huge wave of popularity right now, Tweeters know what they like and aren't afraid to tell people, it's easy for Tweeters to pass on information, and it doesn't cost you a dime - only a good product and some well-placed tweets with a link to it.

Let's assume you have a brilliant report you've just written and it's free for anyone.  Inside the report are your affiliate links to other products or at the end you point to your even more brilliant product.  You want this report to go viral and to get in as many hands as possible for obvious reasons.

Try using a call to action in your tweet about your report.

This can be as simple as asking people to retweet (RT) your tweet.  Just make sure your tweet is around 130 characters rather than the 140 to leave room for your @name to go at the beginning when someone retweets it.

The call to action can be other requests such as "Which do you like better...?" "Help me get 20 comments on my blog post..."  "What do you think about...?"  "Pls check this out..."  You're asking people to take some sort of action, which includes having them click the link you've provided in the tweet.

Consider making your tweet off-the-wall or a little outrageous to get noticed.  "This won't help you get into your skinny jeans, but it could help you grow your customer base..." or "On the way to the bathroom I came up with a fantastic idea for a great destination wedding package..."

If you retweet other peoples' tweets, they're likely to return the favor.  You can hope they will, or if you've developed a rapport you could ask them.  People like to be nice and retweeting is an easy way to do that.  Of course, you shouldn't be retweeting just to get on a marketer's good side, you RT because you like what the original tweeter had to say.

When you're putting a tweet out there and asking someone, anyone, to retweet it, keep in mind that people come to Twitter at different times of day.  It's okay to do your tweet a few times in a day (and changing the wording each time) to get exposure to different people.  Make sure you are doing 5-10 tweets in between though, so you don't come across as a pushy person or a spammer.

Using Twitter is a great way to help your brand, blog post, report, video clip, etc. to go viral.  So be sure to ask for the retweet, make your tweet interesting, and give something of value.

4 Tips To Getting Your Content Shared

How To Get People To Share Your Content

If you do business online then one of your goals is to get people to share your content with everyone they know. This is by far the best way to get the word out your business. So if your goal is to get people to share your content then you must understand what motivates people to do it. Once you understand what motivates people to share then you can make sure you are doing those things. Let's take a look at a few motivating factors.


Content that gets shared appeals to emotion. When you excite people whether in a good or shocking way people are going to take notice. This is by far the biggest reason people share content. Think about what you can do within your industry that will excite emotions. Some common ways to do this is to post funny videos or inspirational content.


If we experience something fun or different we naturally tell our friends because we want them to have the same experience. Well the same thing applies to sharing content online. What experience can you convey in your content that others people will want to share? Contests work well for this.


Returning the favor. When you give out great information and help someone get results then they will naturally want to tell people about you. They might even feel a little obligated to do something for you because you helped them out.  What content can you create that will help someone get a specific result?

Make It Easy

Share buttons are easy to add to a website or blog. People are more likely to share your content if you ask them to or make it very easy for them to do it.

When you create content that speaks directly to your target market you will strike a nerve and people will share your content. Start now by creating awesome content that gets people to take action. This kind of marketing can be one of the most powerful marketing tools in your arsenal.

3 Easy Facebook Traffic Tips

Unless you were born today, I'm sure I don't have to tell you what Facebook is and what's it's about. I am also sure I don't have to tell you the incredible traffic potential of facebook.

With millions of users visiting this social whale, there's plenty of traffic to go around and you’re only a few short key strokes away from getting your share.

So let's get to the web traffic hacks for Facebook...

Make It Visual

It's a well know fact that humans tend to be more visual by nature. Given this fact, your content is more likely to spread or go viral if it is of a visual nature. I'm talking about interesting images, or if possible video content. Video is king when it comes to content, so why not take advantage of it?

Pictures or images can draw interest as well. Here's a perfect example; some time back I saw a facebook post that had pictures of outdoor furniture made from wood pallets. Actually my wife was the one that brought it to my attention. They were very cool and an amazing use of something most people throw away.

But these pictures spread quickly, everyone I know liked them. I don't remember the exact number of likes they received, but I know it was ALOT. The more interesting thing is that, the post lead to a book for sale on Amazon on the subject of, well I think you can guess. I am also sure they sold plenty of copies and I'm sure they are still getting sales. Not only can content go viral, it can stay viral for a long time, which means long term traffic.

Make It Interesting

Although I've touched on this earlier, it's important to post content that is interesting.  I know this seems like common sense, but it's important enough that it bears repeating. You need to give them a reason to want to share your content. After all, who's going to share boring posts? Who's going to click the "like" button on boring posts? Also, interesting can create buzz about you posts.

Don't be afraid to promote

Now I'm not saying you need to run to the book and spam up the place. That won't get you very far. A better tactic is the occasional promo, and even better if you can weave that promo into your content. That way it will look more natural. I am not saying to trick users; I am saying to be more subtle or tactful with your promotions.

The whole reason I bring this up is because it "seems" most marketers go from one end o the other on the promotional scale. They are either spam machines (which no one "likes"), or they don't want to bother people and they don't promote at all. You just need to find a middle ground and try to make it part of your content. So they want to find you or know more about you or your business, instead of trying to cram it down their throats.

That should get you started on the right track. Of course there are more ways to get traffic from Facebook and other social networks...

3 Simple Pinterest Traffic Tricks

You'd have to be living under a rock to not have heard of the social site called Pinterest. It has become one of the fastest growing social and sharing sites to hit the net.

In a nutshell, this social network is a tool for sharing, collecting things people love in an interesting and organized way. Guess you could say it's a, "Hey I like this! And I'm telling everyone about it.". And it's been working like gangbusters. When some one shares their love of something, it is called a "pin". Hence the name of the site.

With millions of users and growing daily, the question is, how can you grab your fair share of visitors from this social giant.

Thought you'd never ask.

Let's get to the traffic hacks from Pinterest.

Original Content

Statistics show that over 80% of pins are actually repins. Means others are sharing the content with others. This is important for two reasons. First, that means much of the content is just simply shared content. Second and most important, if you create your own original content or "pin", your content could be a part of that 80% and give you huge potential for traffic.

Although I should not have to say it, your content needs to be good. Not like you can throw up anything and it will spread across Pinterest. It needs to be something that users will say, "Wow, this is cool, I need to tell others about it". Keep in mind, not everything you post will be a hit, but if you post enough, and it's good or interesting, the better chance you'll have of something spreading like a wild fire.

Some of the most popular content is video's and of late, infographics are getting pins. infographics are a visual image such as a diagram or chart used to represent data or information in a colorful and interesting manner.

Tutorials of How-To's

Many people surfing the internet are searching to learn something. How many times have you surfered the net to learn something? I do it practically every day. We all do it.

So it stands to reason, posting content that explains how to do something is just as popular on sites such as Pinterest.  They say this type of content will see over 40% higher click-through rate than normal pins. This is another way to get "more" from what you pin.

Tease them

As humans, we have the powerful urge to either finish something or find out the answer to a curious question. It's like we can't help ourselves, we HAVE to know. This same concept can be used to get more people to click on your links when you pin.
This can easily be done in many ways. For instance, "part" of an image could b pined, in a way that users want or need to see the rest of it. Another way would be to provide some interesting content, but not all of it, leaving the best out, so people need to go to your website to see or learn the rest of what you're talking about.

These are only a couple of the ways to pull traffic from social sites, if you put in the time.

Get your web traffic hacks on and go out and make some profits...

Traffic Generation with Forum Marketing

forum marketing traffic

It's no secret that forum marketing can bring qualified and buying traffic to your website. In this article, I'm going to cover some of the important reasons forum marketing should be a part of your business marketing plans.

Targeted Visitors

With forum marketing, you can narrow your marketing to the exact customer you’re looking for. As you probably know, there is a forum for most anything topic you can think of. This very fact gives you the opportunity to pull from pools of potential customers.

Find the forums most related to your product or service and you'll have access to some of the best traffic you can imagine. These people are on the forum because they are interested, and even passionate about its given topic. You couldn't find a more targeted group of people, all in one place.

Using the search engines with your niche or market keyword followed by "forum" should yield plenty of results to find your new customers.

Builds Trust

One of the biggest hurdles to getting your future customers to do business with you is earning their trust. Most people are hesitant in purchasing from someone they don't know. If they don't know you, they probably won't trust you, which means they are less likely to take the action you're looking for.

With forums, you can show you are a real person and with your postings, they will get to know you; at least on some level. When we get to know someone we start to trust them. Even better, with trust you’ll also enjoy higher sales or lead generation conversions. You'll sell more products or services and obtain more opt-ins.

Once you have visitor trust you'll see better returns even when your sales process is less than properly tuned. I've seen it happen time and time again, a marketer gets known and trusted and people buy without reading the sales copy. Believe me, it happens. It could happen for you.

Shows your Personality

Posting on forums allows you to show people your personality, good or bad, and when people get to know and like you they will be more likely to look at what you're promoting.  I am of the thought that personality can be a huge selling factor. Not to mention, it can also be entertaining, which is what many of us want. Why do you think there are so many reality television shows? And why they are so popular? They are entertaining.

One last important tip is to make sure you market on forums that actually have traffic. There are so many dead or dying forums on the internet that are not worth wasting your time because you don't get a return for your effort. Forums seem like a great idea for their owners in the beginning, until they find out how time consuming they are, and many are left to sit idle.

Also remember to check recent posts on the forum you're looking to using for your marketing. While some forums appear to have an audience, sometimes they are just filled with spammers creating back links for SEO purposes. A quick check of posts will tell you if it's worth it or not.