Instagram Ads Made Easy

Instagram Ads Made Easy Videos

Instagram has 600 Million monthly active users and highest browsers to buyer ratio

Now, you have the biggest opportunity to turn your site into an ultimate traffic magnet and increase profit at breathtaking speed.

Chances are endless to get the most out of this photo and video sharing platform.

And so, our info packed training guide enables you to...

  • Drive a torrent of traffic to your offers
  • Increase visibility to potential followers
  • Get more website visits in no time
  • Attract engaged traffic to boost sales and profits
  • Access a huge, targeted audience base easily
  • Convert prospects into high paying leads

Instagram advertising is a new frontier and a bandwagon in social media advertising world and this visual advertising medium has reached a new level altogether. Entrepreneurs and venture capitalists are completely obsessed with this and big brands are racing to make best out of Instagram and capitalize on its immense growth.

90% of information transmitted to the brain is visual, and visuals are processed 60,000X faster in the brain than text.

With Instagram ads- Visual content becomes king and marketing is queen.

And so, Instagram ads are a great way to connect with people solely through visual elements and keep them hooked on to your brand for increasing profits.

With each day passing, this platform is exploding like anything and there's no sign of its growth slowing down anytime soon.

Here are some jaw-dropping stats that completely support my statement-

  • 95 Million photos & videos are shared every day on Instagram
  • More than 5,00,000 advertisers are growing their businesses on Instagram
  • 90% of the world’s top 100 brands have an Instagram account
  • More than 60% users have learned about new products and services through Instagram
  • Instagram clocks up to 3.5 Billion likes every day
  • 48% of brands are on Instagram and this will cross 70% in 2017

These days, social media waits for no one. If you're LATE for the party, you'll probably be covered by all the noise and you won’t be able to get your voice across. It means if you want to be heard by the crowd, you have to be fast; and on social media, that means you have to be REALLY fast.

Therefore, Instagram advertising gives you an opportunity to become result-oriented every day and establish visual identity to spread your marketing message delightfully to hordes of website visitors.

But getting started with Instagram advertising is not everyone's cap of tea; doing this can be quite draining and time consuming too. Simply, you'll need the right method to use Instagram advertising to get maximum benefits with minimal efforts.

And if you are also wondering how to start advertising on Instagram ☺☺☺ ...But not able to get the precise technique ☹ ☹ ☹ can relax as you've landed on the right place...

As today, I am going to unveil the secret weapon that most successful marketers are using to get targeted traffic to their offers.

Yes!!! I am about to handover a simple, step by step, real, actionable training guide that will provide tons of traffic for your offers without risking boatloads of money.

Here’s What The Video's Cover:

Section 1: Instagram Ads Basics

Video 1 What is Instagram and why use it for your business?

Video 2 What are Instagram Ads all about?

Video 3 What ad solutions is actually Instagram offering?

Section 2: Setting things up

Video 4 What you should do right before creating Instagram Ads?

Video 5 Setting up Facebook and Instagram for advertising

Video 6 Image tips for Instagram Ads

Video 7 Video tips for Instagram Ads

Section 3: Creating Ad Campaigns – Step by Step

Video 8 Boosting your posts

Video 9 Increasing brand awareness

Video 10 Increasing your reach

Video 11 Sending people to a destination on or off Facebook

Video 12 Getting installs of your app

Video 13 Getting video views

Video 14 Increasing conversions on your website

Video 15 Promoting a product catalog

Section 4: Advanced Instagram Ads Strategies

Video 16 Testing everything

Video 17 Driving Instagram engagement using video content

Video 18 Using authentic social influencers to tell the story of your brand

Video 19 Using hashtags

Section 5: Additional Tips to consider

Video 20 Premium tools and services to consider

Video 21 Shocking case studies

Video 22 Frequently asked questions

Well, it’s time for you to get the most out of Instagram Ads for your business. I know you’ll love this training.

The tricks and tips that you will learn with us are exactly the same that have been used by many successful marketers in order to have a successful business online.

On To The Videos...

Video Intoduction


Video 1. Why Content Marketing Matters


Video #2. Why Content Marketing Is Crucial For Selling


Video #3. The Logistics and The Numbers


Video #4. Creating The Best Content


Video #5. Marketing Your Content: Your Articles As Products


Video #6. Marketing Your Content: Guest Posting


Video #7. Getting More Content: How To Get Your Visitors To Write Your Content


Video #8. Getting More Content: Your Guide To Fast And Effective Content Curation


Video #9. Tools and Resource For Your Content Marketing


Video #10. Closing Words On Content Marketing

Video 11. Why Content Marketing Matters


Video #12. Why Content Marketing Is Crucial For Selling


Video #13. The Logistics and The Numbers


Video #14. Creating The Best Content


Video #15. Marketing Your Content: Your Articles As Products


Video #16. Marketing Your Content: Guest Posting


Video #17. Getting More Content: How To Get Your Visitors To Write Your Content


Video #18. Getting More Content: Your Guide To Fast And Effective Content Curation


Video #19. Tools and Resource For Your Content Marketing


Video #20. Closing Words On Content Marketing

Video #21. Tools and Resource For Your Content Marketing


Video #22. Closing Words On Content Marketing

Content Syndication Videos

How To Market Your Content

(Like The Gurus Do)

So you're already putting out content... But who's reading them?

If you're struggling to get eyeballs to your content then you owe it to yourself to see this...

Here's how you can leverage your existing content to

- Get more visitors...

- Attract more leads...

- And close more sales!

Announcing Content Syndication Videos

Content Syndication Videos is a series of 40 On-Screen, Easy-To-Follow Video Tutorials on how to market and publish your content expertly.

If you're already creating content, then naturally the next step is to get this in front of as many eyeballs as possible.

Not just anyone... but people who are already looking for your information.

What Makes This DIFFERENT...

I'll be showing you over 9 totally unique ways to get the same content out to hundreds or thousands of TARGETED views...

... That builds you up to be an authority figure in your niche!

The Internet is full of 'me too marketers' and what makes this frustrating is that even if you're a genuine expert, it's not a guarantee you'll be successful with marketing yourself.

Content Syndication Videos solve that problem.

I've broken down complex processes and kept it short, simple and direct.

No B.S. No beating around the bush.

As long as you can follow instructions, this will work for you.

On To The Videos...

Articles Marketing

Video 1. What Is Article Marketing


Video #2. Why Article Marketing


Video #3. Article Writing Formula


Video #4. Where To Syndicate Your Articles


Video #5. How To Be A Guest Blogger


Video #6. Get To Know Reddit


Video #7. How To Find Your Subreddit


Video #8. Participate As Redditor


Video #9. How To Begin Publishing Ads In Reddit


Video #10. Why LinkedIn


Video 11. How To Be An All-Star


Video #12. How To Use LinkedIn To Network


Video #13. How To Feature Your Accomplishment


Video #14. Advertise Using LinkedIn


Video #15. How To Create An FB Fanpage


Video #16. How To Create FB Groups


Video #7. How To Use FB Ads To Generate Engagement


Video #18. How To Use FB Ads To Promote Your Video


Video #19. Using FB Pixels To Track Your Ads

Automation Tools

Video #20. What Is Hootsuite


Video 21. Integrating Your Accounts In 1 Place


Video #22. How To Schedule Your Post


Video #23. How To Monitor Your Posts


Video #24. Stream All Your Activities


Video #25. How To Use Twitter


Video #26. How To Create Twitter Ads To Market Your Content


Video #27. How To Create Compelling Post


Video #28. Utilizing Instagram Business


Video #29. Instagram Ads


Video #30. Instagram Stories And Live


Video 31. Hashtags

Video Syndication

Video #32. What Is The Best Video Standard


Video #33. YouTube


Video #34. Vimeo


Video #35. Dailymotion


Video #36. Wistia

Press Releases

Video #37. How To Write A Press Release


Video #38. Press Release Writing Tips


Video #39. How To Upload Your Press Release On Press Release Sites

Shopify Traffic Videos

shopify traffic videos

How Would You Like To Draw Massive Traffic To Your E-Store Every Day and Increase Conversions by 400%?

Simple and Easy Methods To Attract Your Prospects Effectively Without Spending Top Dollars For Advertising.

Compared to 10 years ago, starting an online e-store is not as hard anymore today. Driven by the dream of having an internet lifestyle, and the rewarding monthly income, everyone is triggered to own a business for a better life. With all the platforms and opportunities available, it's easy to kick start an online business anytime you want.

Even if you have little budget, you can start an online shop on a small scale.

Here's a drawback though: It's hard to see results.

The rise of e-commerce increases the numbers of start-ups and thus, the competitions are more intense than ever. Everyone has the same products to offer, you might go unnoticed if you don't have the effective methods to appeal your customers.

There are tons of training courses teach you how to generate traffic. But is any of the courses worked for you? I am afraid not! This is because they don't have personal experience of how to drive traffic at all. All they have is some kind of information can be easily found on Google, and they just combined the information together and sell you the course. Do you see why you're not seeing results?

If you want to learn, you should learn from someone who is already doing it. Who has already achieved results and know what is the effective method to do it.

Shopify Traffic is a series of training course where I will teach you how to generate traffic to your Shopify e-store with effective methods and platform with my personal experience and culmination of my researches together with years of studies. Plus, I will guide you how to make this work on a budget.

Let's take a look of what you will learn from this video series:

  • Facebook - Facebook is a platform that no one can ignore. As the style of Facebook changes every once in a while, I will show you the latest methods to draw massive traffic from Facebook to your Shopify e-store.
  • Instagram - Instagram is another social media rising star! The growth of Instagram is consistently increasing day by day, so this is the best chance to generate traffic from Instagram to your Shopify e-store!
  • Search Engine optimization - If you're familiar with internet marketing, SEO is a term you can usually hear. You may know about the theory of SEO but you can't do it to bring results. I will teach you a simple and easy method to master SEO at ease to increase traffic to your e-store.
  • Video Marketing - Visuals are always the best thing to attract people's attention, I will teach you the effective methods to draw traffic with video. Even if you don't possess the skills of videography, you still able to do it easily!
  • Recruiting Affiliates - If you recruit affiliates to promote for you, you can increase your sales for 200% and above! However, affiliates are picky of choosing who is worth promoting for more income. I will teach you how to capture their heart and promote relentlessly for you.
  • Shopify Apps to Drive More traffic - Mobile shopping is getting hotter these days. Besides using laptop or desktop, people spend most of their time with their smartphone for social purpose and for shopping too! I will teach you how to use Shopify Apps to drive more traffic to notice your e-store.
  • Pinterest - When someone mention Pinterest, you will definitely associate it with beautiful pictures and sophisticated photos. Images sell better, so I am going to teach you how to utilize Pinterest to attract visitors to your e-store.
  • How To Optimize Your Shopify Store For More Sales - There are some optimization works you have to do to increase your exposure for more traffic. Don't worry, this is not a difficult task, I will teach you the most simple and easy way to optimize your Shopify store.

Shopify Traffic is a must for you to generate traffic for your Shopify store. Even if you're just a newbie, you can expect to digest every piece of information in this course at ease.

Besides, the intention of creating this course is to help you to clear obstacles and eliminate hassles without second guess on your own.

If you’re looking for a proven and effective way to earn 6 figures within a few months, then you owe it to yourself to check out Shopify Traffic!

On to the Videos...

Video #1 - Advertise Your Store With Reddit


Video #2 - Recruiting Affiliates


Video #3 - Drive Traffic Via Blogs


Video #4 - Drive Traffic From Facebook


Video #5 - Instagram Traffic


Video #6 - Pinterest Traffic


Video #7 - Optimize Your Store For More Sales


Video #8 - Search Engine Optimization


Video #9 - Video Marketing

Social Media Domination

social media domination traffic videos

ATTENTION: Looking to grow your business?

"How To Dominate Your Niche Using The Power of Social Media And Build An Audience That Will Love Your Brand..."

In This Course, You'll Discover The Steps, Methods And Techniques To Setting Yourself Up For Success On The Top Social Media Platforms!

Social media marketing is an incredibly powerful tool and these days it is one of the single biggest factors that a marketer can use to build their digital empire.

In fact, social media is often what really makes the difference between having a website and having such an ‘empire’.

A website on its own can make you money and it can promote your business – but it takes more than that to build a brand and to have that ubiquitous presence that can help you to drive the maximum amount of traffic to your monetization systems.

Social Media Does More Than Build Brand Awareness

The first thing to recognize about your social media efforts is that your objectives should go beyond simply getting more people to follow you and to see your brand.

I recorded 10 exclusive, step-by-step video tutorials that will show you the tools, techniques and my top tips on social media marketing.

Video #1: Twitter 101
Length: 05:02 min.

Video #2: Intro To Instagram - How To Use It In Your Business
Length: 05:44 min.

Video #3: Getting The Most From Hashtags
Length: 06:15 min.

Video #4: Intro To Facebook marketing
Length: 08:51 min.

Video #5: How To use YouTube to Market Your Business
Length: 06:55 min.

Video #6: Live Video Streaming For Audience Engagement - Periscope and Blab
Length: 05:40 min.

Video #7: Pin your Hopes in Pinterest!
Length: 04:37 min.

Video #8: How To Use Linkedin In Your Business
Length: 05:06 min.

Video #9: Making Sure Your Social Media Never Appears "Dead"
Length: 08:00 min.

Video #10: Two Ways of Linking Social Media With Your Blog
Length: 13:09 min.

"Now You Can Get Instant Access To  10 HOT Video Tutorials Showing You Powerful Social Media Tactics..."

Check out the videos...

Video #1: Twitter 101


Video #2: Intro To Instagram - How To Use It In Your Business


Video #3: Getting The Most From Hashtags


Video #4: Intro To Facebook marketing


Video #5: How To use YouTube to Market Your Business


Video #6: Live Video Streaming For Audience Engagement - Periscope and Blab


Video #7: Pin your Hopes in Pinterest!


Video #8: How To Use Linkedin In Your Business


Video #9: Making Sure Your Social Media Never Appears "Dead"


Video #10: Two Ways of Linking Social Media With Your Blog

Zero Cost Traffic Videos

zero cost traffic videos

"Now You Can Get Instant Access To 10 HOT Video Tutorials To Get Free Traffic To Your Website.."

Start Playing These Videos Tutorials Right From The Comfort Of Your Home!

There's a long way and a short way.

The long way?

Trying to figure out everything yourself, only to go around in circles. All that time wasted could have been put into something more worthwhile.

Want to know the short cut instead?

Good news!

I recorded 10 exclusive, step-by-step video tutorials that will show you the tools, techniques and my top tips to get free traffic to your website.

ATTENTION: Need website traffic but don't have the budget?

"Who Else Wants To Discover 10 Proven Methods To Generate Website Traffic Without Paying a Cent?..."

In This Course, You'll Finally Find Out Easy-To-Implement Tactics To Generating a Ton of Free Traffic!

Getting traffic to your website seems like an impossible task if you don't have a huge budget to work with and a group of experts at your disposal.

These days, launching a website means that you are competing with more companies than ever and getting traffic to your site is vital whether you are doing e-commerce or just creating a blog that you'd like people to read.

So, what is a person with no budget, no SEO skills and no expert advice to do?

You Can Get Free Traffic!

There's really only two routes you can take when it comes to getting traffic:

1) Pay for it

2) Generate it for free

Paying for traffic paying for pay-per-click campaigns such as AdWords and Facebook Ads, media buying, solo ads, exchanges and much more. If you don't know what you're doing, you could easily spend thousands of dollars without knowing it!


You can generate traffic using some proven methods that many internet marketers are using to generate a ton of targeted, free traffic to their websites.

If you're just starting out, you most likely don't have a budget of a big business, so you're left with no choice but to find ways to attract new customers within budget first.

I've written a guide sharing ways in which you can start generating website traffic without paying a single cent.

Allow me to introduce you to...

Zero-Cost Traffic Tactics

10 Proven Methods To Generate Website Traffic Without Paying a Single Cent

Video 1 - Getting Search Egnine Optimized Part 1 - Choosing the right keywords


Video 2  - Getting Search Egnine Optimized Part 2 - Building effective backlinks


Video 3 - 5 Steps To Getting Traffic Via Guest Posting


Video 4  - Quick and Easy YouTube Traffic


Video 5  - Fast and Free Forum Traffic


Video 6 - Traffic From Craigslist and Other Ad Sites


Video 7 - Quick and Easy Facebook Traffic


Video 8 - Quick and Easy Twitter Traffic


Video 9 - Getting Free Traffic Via Instagram and Pinterest


Video 10 - Ad Swaps for Fast Free Traffic