Content Syndication Videos

How To Market Your Content

(Like The Gurus Do)

So you're already putting out content... But who's reading them?

If you're struggling to get eyeballs to your content then you owe it to yourself to see this...

Here's how you can leverage your existing content to

- Get more visitors...

- Attract more leads...

- And close more sales!

Announcing Content Syndication Videos

Content Syndication Videos is a series of 40 On-Screen, Easy-To-Follow Video Tutorials on how to market and publish your content expertly.

If you're already creating content, then naturally the next step is to get this in front of as many eyeballs as possible.

Not just anyone... but people who are already looking for your information.

What Makes This DIFFERENT...

I'll be showing you over 9 totally unique ways to get the same content out to hundreds or thousands of TARGETED views...

... That builds you up to be an authority figure in your niche!

The Internet is full of 'me too marketers' and what makes this frustrating is that even if you're a genuine expert, it's not a guarantee you'll be successful with marketing yourself.

Content Syndication Videos solve that problem.

I've broken down complex processes and kept it short, simple and direct.

No B.S. No beating around the bush.

As long as you can follow instructions, this will work for you.

On To The Videos...

Articles Marketing

Video 1. What Is Article Marketing


Video #2. Why Article Marketing


Video #3. Article Writing Formula


Video #4. Where To Syndicate Your Articles


Video #5. How To Be A Guest Blogger


Video #6. Get To Know Reddit


Video #7. How To Find Your Subreddit


Video #8. Participate As Redditor


Video #9. How To Begin Publishing Ads In Reddit


Video #10. Why LinkedIn


Video 11. How To Be An All-Star


Video #12. How To Use LinkedIn To Network


Video #13. How To Feature Your Accomplishment


Video #14. Advertise Using LinkedIn


Video #15. How To Create An FB Fanpage


Video #16. How To Create FB Groups


Video #7. How To Use FB Ads To Generate Engagement


Video #18. How To Use FB Ads To Promote Your Video


Video #19. Using FB Pixels To Track Your Ads

Automation Tools

Video #20. What Is Hootsuite


Video 21. Integrating Your Accounts In 1 Place


Video #22. How To Schedule Your Post


Video #23. How To Monitor Your Posts


Video #24. Stream All Your Activities


Video #25. How To Use Twitter


Video #26. How To Create Twitter Ads To Market Your Content


Video #27. How To Create Compelling Post


Video #28. Utilizing Instagram Business


Video #29. Instagram Ads


Video #30. Instagram Stories And Live


Video 31. Hashtags

Video Syndication

Video #32. What Is The Best Video Standard


Video #33. YouTube


Video #34. Vimeo


Video #35. Dailymotion


Video #36. Wistia

Press Releases

Video #37. How To Write A Press Release


Video #38. Press Release Writing Tips


Video #39. How To Upload Your Press Release On Press Release Sites

Twitter Marketing Videos

"Start Generating FREE TRAFFIC Even Faster With The Twitter Marketing Excellence Video Course…"

With The Twitter Marketing Excellence Video Training Course You Get 10 Step-by-Step Videos Taking You From Getting Started To Getting MASSIVE Traffic…

With this video training, you will become an expert at generating tons of FREE traffic with Twitter even faster than with the eBook alone.

Although the Ebook does a great job of leaving no stones unturned, if you want to be sure you see success as fast as possible, you need to get the video training.

Not only will see results faster, but you’ll make sure you stick to your plan and in many cases, you’ll get even BETTER results by following the video training upgrade.

Although the material covered is the same, it’s done in a format that makes it much easier for you to learn and TAKE action as quickly as possible.

But why video?

Did you know that most people rarely make it past the 2nd chapter of an eBook? It’s not because they don’t want to see success… it’s because most people out there need to see something done to learn and stay focused.

That’s exactly what the video version of the Twitter Marketing Excellence course is all about…

…presenting the content in a format that makes learning, applying what you learn, and seeing success quickly and efficiently. Not only will you get results faster, but the results you get will be EVEN better than with the Ebook alone.

The total video time is 65 minutes and your video titles are:

  • 1 Introduction
  • 2 Building Your Brand And Creating Synergy
  • 3 Examples of Creating Synergy
  • 4 Delivering High Quality Content Part 1
  • 5 Delivering High Quality Content Part 2
  • 6 Work Smart Not Hard
  • 7 Growth Aspects and Social Hacking
  • 8 Audience Engagement
  • 9 More Uses and Angles on Twitter
  • 10 Conclusions and a Strategy Outline

On to the videos...

Video #1 - Introduction


Video #2 - Building Your Brand And Creating Synergy


Video #3 - Examples of Creating Synergy


Video #4 - Delivering High Quality Content Part 1


Video #5 - Delivering High Quality Content Part 2


Video #6 - Work Smart Not Hard


Video #7 - Growth Aspects and Social Hacking


Video #8 - Audience Engagement


Video #9 - More Uses and Angles on Twitter


Video #10 - Conclusions and a Strategy Outline

Periscope For Entrepreneurs


Here's how to grab your share of the Periscope Audience!

As Long As you Own A Smartphone And A Twitter Account, You're Good To Go.

This is a series of full video tutorial course guiding you on how to utilize Periscope as a medium of sales booster to your online business.

How it can help you to boost your traffic? You need to see this:

Overview - What is Periscope? Periscope is basically a live streaming mobile application that was purchased and developed by Twitter in early 2015. It allows users to share their lives and events in real time whenever they are, whatever they are doing.

Why you Should Care About Periscope - Perhaps you have known Periscope since the first day of its debut. But you just haven't put much thought about this for growing your business. I will list down a reasons and explanation in details why you should care about this more than anything else for the moment.

Getting Started Walkthrough With Periscope - Getting started is always the hardest part when you wish to begin something new. Especially on something you're not familiar with. Put your worries aside, I will guide you well throughout the whole training course.

In Depth Dashboard Walkthrough - In order for you to utilize Periscope more effectively, I will give you a walkthrough on the dashboard. You will understand it in depth without spending much time to explore it alone.

Tips To Follow Before Your Broadcast - Before boradcasting your real time event, there are a few tips you should follow to maximize the benefits for your business. Preparation can help you to leave a positive impression and images for your prospects.

Tips For The Actual Broadcast - Actual broadcast is the most important part when using Periscope. You can't afford to make huge mistake because everything you're going to do and tell is lived. But don't feel pressure, I will provide the best method for you to follow.

Tips For After The Actual Broadcast - Should you just do nothing after the broadcast? Absolutely no! You need to do something for your business even after the broadcast. I will guide you through step-by-step so that you can maximize the business effect Periscope is going to have.

Growing Your Periscope Audience - You should grow your Periscope audience in order to grow your sales and your customer base. I will teach you how to make more people to know and trust you so that your business can grow larger.

Ways To Monetize Periscope - There is not only one way to earn profits from Periscope. I will teach you other ways to monetize Periscope to boost your sales.

Let's Get To Those Videos...

Video #1 - Overview


Video #2 - Why you Should Care About Periscope


Video #3 - Walk Through With Periscope


Video #4 - In Depth Dashboard Walk Through


Video #5 - Tips To Follow Before You Broadcast


Video #6 - Tips For The Actual Broadcast


Video #7 - Tips For After The Broadcast


Video #8 - Growing your Periscope Audience


Video #9 - How To Monetrize

Social Media Domination

social media domination traffic videos

ATTENTION: Looking to grow your business?

"How To Dominate Your Niche Using The Power of Social Media And Build An Audience That Will Love Your Brand..."

In This Course, You'll Discover The Steps, Methods And Techniques To Setting Yourself Up For Success On The Top Social Media Platforms!

Social media marketing is an incredibly powerful tool and these days it is one of the single biggest factors that a marketer can use to build their digital empire.

In fact, social media is often what really makes the difference between having a website and having such an ‘empire’.

A website on its own can make you money and it can promote your business – but it takes more than that to build a brand and to have that ubiquitous presence that can help you to drive the maximum amount of traffic to your monetization systems.

Social Media Does More Than Build Brand Awareness

The first thing to recognize about your social media efforts is that your objectives should go beyond simply getting more people to follow you and to see your brand.

I recorded 10 exclusive, step-by-step video tutorials that will show you the tools, techniques and my top tips on social media marketing.

Video #1: Twitter 101
Length: 05:02 min.

Video #2: Intro To Instagram - How To Use It In Your Business
Length: 05:44 min.

Video #3: Getting The Most From Hashtags
Length: 06:15 min.

Video #4: Intro To Facebook marketing
Length: 08:51 min.

Video #5: How To use YouTube to Market Your Business
Length: 06:55 min.

Video #6: Live Video Streaming For Audience Engagement - Periscope and Blab
Length: 05:40 min.

Video #7: Pin your Hopes in Pinterest!
Length: 04:37 min.

Video #8: How To Use Linkedin In Your Business
Length: 05:06 min.

Video #9: Making Sure Your Social Media Never Appears "Dead"
Length: 08:00 min.

Video #10: Two Ways of Linking Social Media With Your Blog
Length: 13:09 min.

"Now You Can Get Instant Access To  10 HOT Video Tutorials Showing You Powerful Social Media Tactics..."

Check out the videos...

Video #1: Twitter 101


Video #2: Intro To Instagram - How To Use It In Your Business


Video #3: Getting The Most From Hashtags


Video #4: Intro To Facebook marketing


Video #5: How To use YouTube to Market Your Business


Video #6: Live Video Streaming For Audience Engagement - Periscope and Blab


Video #7: Pin your Hopes in Pinterest!


Video #8: How To Use Linkedin In Your Business


Video #9: Making Sure Your Social Media Never Appears "Dead"


Video #10: Two Ways of Linking Social Media With Your Blog

Zero Cost Traffic Videos

zero cost traffic videos

"Now You Can Get Instant Access To 10 HOT Video Tutorials To Get Free Traffic To Your Website.."

Start Playing These Videos Tutorials Right From The Comfort Of Your Home!

There's a long way and a short way.

The long way?

Trying to figure out everything yourself, only to go around in circles. All that time wasted could have been put into something more worthwhile.

Want to know the short cut instead?

Good news!

I recorded 10 exclusive, step-by-step video tutorials that will show you the tools, techniques and my top tips to get free traffic to your website.

ATTENTION: Need website traffic but don't have the budget?

"Who Else Wants To Discover 10 Proven Methods To Generate Website Traffic Without Paying a Cent?..."

In This Course, You'll Finally Find Out Easy-To-Implement Tactics To Generating a Ton of Free Traffic!

Getting traffic to your website seems like an impossible task if you don't have a huge budget to work with and a group of experts at your disposal.

These days, launching a website means that you are competing with more companies than ever and getting traffic to your site is vital whether you are doing e-commerce or just creating a blog that you'd like people to read.

So, what is a person with no budget, no SEO skills and no expert advice to do?

You Can Get Free Traffic!

There's really only two routes you can take when it comes to getting traffic:

1) Pay for it

2) Generate it for free

Paying for traffic paying for pay-per-click campaigns such as AdWords and Facebook Ads, media buying, solo ads, exchanges and much more. If you don't know what you're doing, you could easily spend thousands of dollars without knowing it!


You can generate traffic using some proven methods that many internet marketers are using to generate a ton of targeted, free traffic to their websites.

If you're just starting out, you most likely don't have a budget of a big business, so you're left with no choice but to find ways to attract new customers within budget first.

I've written a guide sharing ways in which you can start generating website traffic without paying a single cent.

Allow me to introduce you to...

Zero-Cost Traffic Tactics

10 Proven Methods To Generate Website Traffic Without Paying a Single Cent

Video 1 - Getting Search Egnine Optimized Part 1 - Choosing the right keywords


Video 2  - Getting Search Egnine Optimized Part 2 - Building effective backlinks


Video 3 - 5 Steps To Getting Traffic Via Guest Posting


Video 4  - Quick and Easy YouTube Traffic


Video 5  - Fast and Free Forum Traffic


Video 6 - Traffic From Craigslist and Other Ad Sites


Video 7 - Quick and Easy Facebook Traffic


Video 8 - Quick and Easy Twitter Traffic


Video 9 - Getting Free Traffic Via Instagram and Pinterest


Video 10 - Ad Swaps for Fast Free Traffic

Pay Per Click Made Easy

"Discover How To Use PPC To To Get INSTANT Quality Traffic To Your Website And Boost Your Sales And Profits!"

This 16 Part Series Will Show You...

  • Target buying customers precisely to satisfy their needs.
  • Get quality buyer traffic on your website.
  • Avoid spending on ad campaigns that never convert.
  • Pay only after desired action gets completed.
  • Get better results in a cost effective manner.

I am about to disclose an information that will open your eyes and surely be of great help to expand your business using online marketing.

But first let me ask you two basic questions:

  • Are you sick and tired of spending thousands of dollars in order to get valuable buyers for your products?
  • Are you still dependent on age-old SEO techniques in order to get right audience on your website?

Be honest! Were you able to attain your desired goals?

Or Gathered point-to-point information to grow your business Online?

Most probably your answer is NO! Correct?

In real business, there is no shortcut to success!


Don’t worry, this issue will not become a barrier between you and your business growth.

As we will provide you with a simple, precise and A-Z guidance that will assist you to learn best PPC strategies and use them for your ultimate benefit.

If you set a proper Pay Per Click campaign, you will be able to laser target your audience in a precise manner, and satisfy their needs and desires in a proper manner.

You will also be able to get the most out of your financial resources by avoiding expenditure on campaigns that rarely give results.

Let me just wake you up with these eye-opening stats:

  • Spending on PPC Ads rose 12% year-on-year in the fourth quarter of 2014.
  • 60% increase in global paid search spending is predicted for 2015.
  • Marketers are expected to spend $540 billion globally on advertising in 2015.
  • 83% of company leaders said that they feel very good about the PPC Market.
  • 63% of companies have annual PPC budgets of more than $300,000 and 45% have budgets of more than $1 million.
  • Mobile PPC is growing at an outstanding rate and accounts for 20% of global PPC.
  • 20% to 30% traffic comes from paid PPC listings.

Surely, now you would be dying with curiosity in order to achieve success with the best use of Pay Per Click.

So, to release all your tensions, here we present the much awaited Ladder to Success...

Here's Just Some Of What You'll Find In This Video Series:

  • What PPC Marketing is all about.
  • Why you should definitely use PPC for your business.
  • The Top 20 PPC Ad Networks and Automation Tools.
  • Setting up a Profitable PPC Campaign from Start to Finish
  •  Understanding your Business and Target Audience.
  • Creating an Account.
  • Creating your first campaign.
  • Creating your first ad.
  • Creating your first keyword list.
  • Entering your Billing Details.
  • Tracking your Ad Campaigns.
  • Testing, Optimizing and Scaling.
  • The 20 do’s you have to apply for Successful PPC Campaigns.
  • The 20 don’ts you have to avoid for Successful PPC Campaigns.
  • Shocking PPC Case Studies.
  • How to use PPC as an Internet Marketer.

Using PPC strategies for your business does not need application of any HI-TECH Formula. You just need to apply our SIMPLE & proven techniques in a specified manner, and let your profits reach the peak.

On to The Videos...

Video #1 - Introduction


Video #2 - What Is PPC?


Video #3 - Why PPC Marketing?


Video #4 - Top 20 PPC Ad Networks and Automation Tools


Video #5 - Setting Up A Profitable PPC Campaign From Beginning To End


Video #6 - Creating a PPC Campaign In Bing


Video #7 - Creating a PPC Campaign In 7 Search


Video #8 - Creating A PPC Campaign In Facebook


Video #9 - Creating a PPC Campaign In Twitter


Video #10 - Creating A PPC Campaign In LinkedIn


Video #11 - Tracking Your Ad Campaigns


Video #12 - Testing, Optimizing and Scaling Your PPC Campaigns


Video #13 - Best Tips for Successful PPC Campaigns


Video #14 - Top Mistakes For PPC Campaigns


Video #15 - Shocking PPC Case Studies


Video #16 - PPC For Internet Marketing in Making Money Online Niche

Creating Tweets That Go Viral on Twitter

Tweets That Go Viral On Twitter

Let's start this with what going viral means.  In Internet Marketing it can be a video clip, ebook, report, blog post, etc., that gains huge popularity and is spread quickly, like a virus. How it is spread is through social media and one very successful way is through Twitter.

What that means to you as a marketer is that instead of just hoping and praying for your brand, or report, or article to go viral, you can use various methods to help it along.  In many ways, Twitter is like the perfect storm... it's riding a huge wave of popularity right now, Tweeters know what they like and aren't afraid to tell people, it's easy for Tweeters to pass on information, and it doesn't cost you a dime - only a good product and some well-placed tweets with a link to it.

Let's assume you have a brilliant report you've just written and it's free for anyone.  Inside the report are your affiliate links to other products or at the end you point to your even more brilliant product.  You want this report to go viral and to get in as many hands as possible for obvious reasons.

Try using a call to action in your tweet about your report.

This can be as simple as asking people to retweet (RT) your tweet.  Just make sure your tweet is around 130 characters rather than the 140 to leave room for your @name to go at the beginning when someone retweets it.

The call to action can be other requests such as "Which do you like better...?" "Help me get 20 comments on my blog post..."  "What do you think about...?"  "Pls check this out..."  You're asking people to take some sort of action, which includes having them click the link you've provided in the tweet.

Consider making your tweet off-the-wall or a little outrageous to get noticed.  "This won't help you get into your skinny jeans, but it could help you grow your customer base..." or "On the way to the bathroom I came up with a fantastic idea for a great destination wedding package..."

If you retweet other peoples' tweets, they're likely to return the favor.  You can hope they will, or if you've developed a rapport you could ask them.  People like to be nice and retweeting is an easy way to do that.  Of course, you shouldn't be retweeting just to get on a marketer's good side, you RT because you like what the original tweeter had to say.

When you're putting a tweet out there and asking someone, anyone, to retweet it, keep in mind that people come to Twitter at different times of day.  It's okay to do your tweet a few times in a day (and changing the wording each time) to get exposure to different people.  Make sure you are doing 5-10 tweets in between though, so you don't come across as a pushy person or a spammer.

Using Twitter is a great way to help your brand, blog post, report, video clip, etc. to go viral.  So be sure to ask for the retweet, make your tweet interesting, and give something of value.