Social Traffic Control

Announcing the Brand New, 7-Part, Step-by-Step Video Course…

"Finally, Discover How to Pinpoint Opportunities In Your Niche and Manage Your Own Social Media Presence...Starting Today."

In the specific video series, I'm going to show the right tools you’ll need in your social media arsenal to boost and automate your social media presence.

FACT: In this world of computers, gadgets, and fast-paced technology, consumers are more easily reached through social media. Many smart business owners are now aware of the significance of connecting to consumers online and the impact this has to contributing to increasing profit.

PROBLEM: Managing the business and keeping multiple social media sites up-to-date can be a handful.

So, why is social media so important in growing your business?

Social media refers to online presence. The more active you are, the more social presence you'll have.

The more presence you have, the wider your network of people will be; the wider your network is, the more people will know about your latest offers and be more engaged in your business.

A great offer can be viewed and spread to a range of hundreds of consumers in a matter of hours--with the right tools set in place.

However - Attempting to manage and update your social media sites constantly can be very tiresome.  Keeping in the loop of social trends can also be extremely overwhelming.

Imagine having to manage Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIN, and more for just one brand.  Having to post the same message to all of these social sites can also be demanding.

Monitoring prospects and how they interact with you can be tedious.

How do you know which posts are getting the best results?

How do I keep track of all the trends going on within and outside my network?

You simply don't have the time to stay in front of your computer day in day out to look after all of these. Thankfully, there is software available that syncs with your social media accounts in one platform.

This way, you can monitor and update all of them conveniently. The downside of this is that some powerful tools have come and gone.

So, we have tested several tools to show you the best available social media tools out there.

Here's a list of this 7 part video series in more detail

  • Video #1: Introduction to Social Media Control - If you don't have a centralized hub that controls and manages your social media, it's time to take action and implement this in your business so that you have more time to focus on your prospects.  In this specific video, you will be given a quick overview of what we'll be discussing in this particular video series as well as all the tools that you were going to need. Fortunately, we will try and stick with free tools that are powerful, which some of them will have paid options to increase your monitoring and management.
  • Video #2: Can't fix it if you don't know what's broken - Just as the title of this video says, if you don't know how well your social media presence is doing and what areas need to be fixed, you can't fix anything if you don't know it's broken, right? So that's the whole goal of this particular video. To help you brainstorm in two different areas, which will cover more in detail later on.
  • Video #3: How to Pinpoint Opportunities - There are many tools out there to allow you to analyze the markets and figure out where the opportunities are. However, with this free, but powerful tool, you'll be able to analyze the social media sites and see how people really feel about certain markets.
  • Video #4: How to Monitor OpportunitiesOnce you have pinpointed opportunities, how would you like to learn how to monitor these opportunities so you can figure out if somebody is talking about them well in advance? Well in the specific video, you'll learn how to do just that and more in-depth about how to use these free tools.
  • Video #5: How to Manage Your Own Social Media Presence - At this point in time, you will have learned how to pinpoint opportunities, monitor opportunities, and now you'll learn how to manage your own social media presence with one of the best tools out there. The company who created this specific tool should be around for a very long time. This is an important trait to look for because as you build your social media presence, you want to have a reliable tool that will last through the years. It takes a lot of time and effort to have to constantly migrate to different tools. Once things are up and running and doing really well, you don't really want to change the tools either.
  • Video #6: Social Media Management in Action - Once you have picked which tool you want to us in video #5, it's time to really show you how to use this tool in your own social media presence. I personally use this tool and it has been very good to me for the last few years.
  • Video #7: WordPress to Social Media Automation - One of the most tedious things about maintaining and managing social media, when you have many different social networks that you're part of, it can take a lot of time to post that same message to all of them. But I want to tell you today that there is a way to automate the whole process. There is a way that you can set it up so any time you create a new post or page in Word press, you can set it and forget it.The system will automatically post from your centralize blog to many social networks that you specify.

Let's get to the videos...

Video #1: Introduction to Social Media Control


Video #2: Can't fix it if you don't know what's broken


Video 3 - How to Pinpoint Opportunities


Video 4  - How to Monitor Opportunities


Video 5  - How to Manage Your Own Social Media Presence


Video 6 - Social Media Management in Action


Video 7 - WordPress to Social Media Automation

Periscope Marketing Excellence

periscope marketing exellence

"Discover How To Generate Tons Of Targeted Traffic And Profit Even Faster With Periscope…"

With what you’ll discover with this video series, you’ll be able to begin getting targeted followers, traffic, and sales with Periscope extremely quickly.

This Special Video Series Periscope Marketing Course Will…

  • Get everything setup the right way so you can start seeing results quickly...
  • Stay focused and make sure you follow through and see the best results possible...
  • Start generating a targeted following, traffic, and making money as quickly as possible with Periscope..

Video Series Includes:

Video 1 - Introduction - Talks about what the video series covers. Talks about how live video could be something that changes the world. Length: 01:25 min.

Video 2 - What is Live Video Streaming - Explains what Periscope is. Covers an introduction to the concept of live streaming and how it all works. How people are using this concept. What's exciting and profitable about live streaming video. Length: 08:51 min.

Video 3 - The Marketing Potential From Video Streaming - Getting into the good stuff. Why it's big news for marketers and the advantages. Why its good to jump in right now. Length: 06:29 min.

Video 4 - Periscope - Gets into more details and specifics about the social platform. User base and who owns it. Talks about the many features and how it's better than other similar services. Length: 08:12 min.

Video 5 - Your Strategy - Gives some of the best ways to harness the power of this social giant. How you should approach the site for maximize the potnetial. Gets into Periscope Marketing for Internet Marketers. What your objectives should be going in. Length: 5:09 min.

Video 6 - Periscope Marketing For Business - Some great tips for businesses to get the most from live streaming video and the Periscope website. Simple but powerfull ideas. Length: 05:09 min.

Video 7 - How To Make Amazing Videos - It's one thing to jump on the band wagon, but without quality video's it could be wasted efforts. Tips for live video, the importance of music, call to actions and much more. Length: 10:15 min.

Video 8 - Top Tips For Generating More Viewers - This video will help make your streaming even more successful. How to use Twitter to get viewers with many tips to get the most from your twitter account. Also covers other ways to drive traffic. Length: 07:15 min.

Video 9 - The Other Platforms - Talks about other related social platforms and how each one compares to periscope. Length: 06:43 min.

Video 10 - Conclusion - Wraps up the series and goes over what's been covered the potential that is available with Periscope. Length: 02:18 min.

On to the videos...

Video #1 - Introduction


Video #2 - What is Live Video Streaming


Video #3 - The Marketing Potential From Video Streaming


Video #4 - Periscope


Video #5 - Your Strategy


Video #6 - Periscope Marketing For Business


Video #7 - How To Make Amazing Videos


Video #8 - Top Tips For Generating More Viewers


Video #9 - The Other Platforms


Video #10 - Conclusion

Social Media Massacre

It's no secret that social media is the place to get traffic these days, and BIG traffic at that. It's where everyone hangs out these days, so it stands to reason, it's the place to get visitors.

Today's video series dishes out some very powerful ways to harness the potential traffic of social media websites.

Here's what You'll be Getting with Social Media Massacre Video Series:

  • Social Media Introduction - Talks about the course, what it covers and dives in right away to get your started quickly. Length: 21:54 min.
  • Social Media Boosting - What is boosting and why it's important. How to drastically boost your ROI's using social media. How to take advantage of your Facebook pages and fully maximize their profitability and potential.  Length: 08:14 min.
  • Social Media Branding - What branding and why it's so important for both online and offline businesses. How branding will affect your presence one social media. How branding works in social media. Different branding elements in each page. Step-by-step walk through of branding a social media account. Length: 36:24 min.
  • Social Media Conversion - What are conversions and why they are so important. What you need to maximize your conversions. The best way to get conversion with social media and many other traffic sources. It's all about getting the most from the traffic you get.  Length: 16:44 Min.
  • Social Media Outsourcing - Explains what outsourcing is and why it's so helpful to your business. How to find employees. Hot to train your employees. How to manage your employees. How much to pay your employees. Length: 12:08 min.
  • Social Media Quick Cash Methods - A number of the best ways to make quick cash with social media. Turn the method into a profitable business. Use arbitrage to make the methods more powerful and reduce your work load. Length: 24:46 min.
  • Social Media SEO - How to blow your SEO ranking out of the water and almost overnight at that, with social media. How social media applies to search engine optimization. Talks about what SEO is and why. Why social backlinks matter. How to build tons of backlinks. and more. Length: 16:06 Min.
  • Social Media Trending -How any one can take hold of social media and trend a has tags on sites like twitter or facebook. Discusses what trending is, why it's important, how to choose a hashtag and how to trend your hastags. Length: 19:23 Min.

Let's get to the videos...

Video 1 - Intoduction


Video 2  - Boosting


Video 3 - Branding


Video 4  - Conversions


Video 5  - Outsourcing


Video 6 - Quick Cash Methods


Video 7 - Search Engine Optimization


Video 8 - Trending

Traffic Generation with Forum Marketing

forum marketing traffic

It's no secret that forum marketing can bring qualified and buying traffic to your website. In this article, I'm going to cover some of the important reasons forum marketing should be a part of your business marketing plans.

Targeted Visitors

With forum marketing, you can narrow your marketing to the exact customer you’re looking for. As you probably know, there is a forum for most anything topic you can think of. This very fact gives you the opportunity to pull from pools of potential customers.

Find the forums most related to your product or service and you'll have access to some of the best traffic you can imagine. These people are on the forum because they are interested, and even passionate about its given topic. You couldn't find a more targeted group of people, all in one place.

Using the search engines with your niche or market keyword followed by "forum" should yield plenty of results to find your new customers.

Builds Trust

One of the biggest hurdles to getting your future customers to do business with you is earning their trust. Most people are hesitant in purchasing from someone they don't know. If they don't know you, they probably won't trust you, which means they are less likely to take the action you're looking for.

With forums, you can show you are a real person and with your postings, they will get to know you; at least on some level. When we get to know someone we start to trust them. Even better, with trust you’ll also enjoy higher sales or lead generation conversions. You'll sell more products or services and obtain more opt-ins.

Once you have visitor trust you'll see better returns even when your sales process is less than properly tuned. I've seen it happen time and time again, a marketer gets known and trusted and people buy without reading the sales copy. Believe me, it happens. It could happen for you.

Shows your Personality

Posting on forums allows you to show people your personality, good or bad, and when people get to know and like you they will be more likely to look at what you're promoting.  I am of the thought that personality can be a huge selling factor. Not to mention, it can also be entertaining, which is what many of us want. Why do you think there are so many reality television shows? And why they are so popular? They are entertaining.

One last important tip is to make sure you market on forums that actually have traffic. There are so many dead or dying forums on the internet that are not worth wasting your time because you don't get a return for your effort. Forums seem like a great idea for their owners in the beginning, until they find out how time consuming they are, and many are left to sit idle.

Also remember to check recent posts on the forum you're looking to using for your marketing. While some forums appear to have an audience, sometimes they are just filled with spammers creating back links for SEO purposes. A quick check of posts will tell you if it's worth it or not.