Creating Tweets That Go Viral on Twitter

Tweets That Go Viral On Twitter

Let's start this with what going viral means.  In Internet Marketing it can be a video clip, ebook, report, blog post, etc., that gains huge popularity and is spread quickly, like a virus. How it is spread is through social media and one very successful way is through Twitter.

What that means to you as a marketer is that instead of just hoping and praying for your brand, or report, or article to go viral, you can use various methods to help it along.  In many ways, Twitter is like the perfect storm... it's riding a huge wave of popularity right now, Tweeters know what they like and aren't afraid to tell people, it's easy for Tweeters to pass on information, and it doesn't cost you a dime - only a good product and some well-placed tweets with a link to it.

Let's assume you have a brilliant report you've just written and it's free for anyone.  Inside the report are your affiliate links to other products or at the end you point to your even more brilliant product.  You want this report to go viral and to get in as many hands as possible for obvious reasons.

Try using a call to action in your tweet about your report.

This can be as simple as asking people to retweet (RT) your tweet.  Just make sure your tweet is around 130 characters rather than the 140 to leave room for your @name to go at the beginning when someone retweets it.

The call to action can be other requests such as "Which do you like better...?" "Help me get 20 comments on my blog post..."  "What do you think about...?"  "Pls check this out..."  You're asking people to take some sort of action, which includes having them click the link you've provided in the tweet.

Consider making your tweet off-the-wall or a little outrageous to get noticed.  "This won't help you get into your skinny jeans, but it could help you grow your customer base..." or "On the way to the bathroom I came up with a fantastic idea for a great destination wedding package..."

If you retweet other peoples' tweets, they're likely to return the favor.  You can hope they will, or if you've developed a rapport you could ask them.  People like to be nice and retweeting is an easy way to do that.  Of course, you shouldn't be retweeting just to get on a marketer's good side, you RT because you like what the original tweeter had to say.

When you're putting a tweet out there and asking someone, anyone, to retweet it, keep in mind that people come to Twitter at different times of day.  It's okay to do your tweet a few times in a day (and changing the wording each time) to get exposure to different people.  Make sure you are doing 5-10 tweets in between though, so you don't come across as a pushy person or a spammer.

Using Twitter is a great way to help your brand, blog post, report, video clip, etc. to go viral.  So be sure to ask for the retweet, make your tweet interesting, and give something of value.