Just wanted to let you know who I am and what this site is all about. 

My name is Ron Killian. I live in the great state of Michigan with all the cold and snow. Been married a LONG time, (don't tell her I said that!), with three kids that are growing up WAY to fast.

In my spare time i enjoy woodworking, slaying dargons, hunting vampires and talking to ghosts. Okay, I don't do all that. But which ones? hhmmm...

In the beginning...

I started online back in late 1998. It's been a while. Many things have changed, along with my business models.

I originally started out with affilaite marketing, for almsot 10 years online. There are actually some things I miss about it. I still dabbled in affilaite marketing, just not as much. I've sinced moved into creating and selling digital products.

My main focus for the last few years has been PLR (private label rights). I've also been doing more email marketing. Gotta have those streams 🙂

So what qualifies me to help others with generating traffic to websites?

First off, I am no guru, no expert, and don't wanna be. I am always learning and always experimenting. I can tell you ALL kinds of things that DON'T work.

But I have learned a few things that have worked for me and I want to pass them on to you because I know what it's like to struggle for hits. 

I also wanted to put together a one-stop resource that covers most everything possible that will help you with getting visitors to your internet properties.

When I first started online I knew nothing about SEO, but back then, you could get traffic from the search engines. Of course that did not last long.

Since then I have honed my skills, mostly through trial and error, and testing, to be able to get ranked. And it's just one of the skills I want to pass on to you.

Of course SEO won't be the only thing I'll be including in this site. I'll be covering Social Media, Forums, Importance of Keywords, Press Releases, Video Marketing and SO much more!

Last but not least, I am here for you. If you need anything, or your stuck on anything, don't hesitate to let me know. I won't do the work for you (it's your business), but I will do my best to assist you as best I can.

Fair enough?

I also hope to make it fun. This biz gets a little boring and stale some times, so why not enjoy it.

I also highly encourage fedback. If you have any to cooment on the site, good or bad, please let me know. I can take it. If there is anything I can to improve the site, I'd love to hear it.

Okay, enough of my gabbing.

Ron Killian