PDF Backlink Traffic

"Finally, Learn How to Boost Your SEO Rank and Generate Targeted Traffic Using This PDF Backlinking Strategy… Starting Today!"

This 9-part video course is designed to show you how you can quickly and easily get high authority backlinks that search engines absolutely love.

One of the dismal realities is that many backlinks no longer work when it comes to SEO. Nowadays, you can't just send a bunch of backlinks in hopes that your website will rank higher.

But there is still hope.

While many different types of backlinks no longer really give you the search engine ranking that you need, there are still some great backlinking strategies well worth your time.

The goal is to create quality content backlinks.

How do you do this? Well, one way is by using PDF files.

That's right - you can use PDF files to get high authority backlinks, but you can actually do a lot more than that.

Don't worry; the specific strategy is not black hat at all. It is completely white hat, so it does take a couple of hours to implement.

Now, implementing this particular strategy will not only get you backlinks that you need, but any prospect that reads your PDF will be pre-sold in advance to help you better convert whatever products and services you are selling.

Here's a breakdown of this 9 part video series in more detail:

Video #1 - Introduction and Overview - Before we get started, you're going to get a quick overview of this particular video course and how it is laid out so that you can understand how to implement it faster.  We will also cover which tools you're going to need. Keep in mind that in order to create PDF files with hyperlinks that actually work, you will have to invest some money. However, with that said, we will be focusing on tools that don't break the bank. Depending on how advanced you want to go, we will cover two different types of tools.

Video #2 - Choose Your Attack Plan - This backlinking strategy is by no means difficult. In fact, once you get the hang of it you can set everything up within less than a couple of hours. You also want a way to convert the traffic before it reaches your website. However, before you can do that you need to figure out what your attack plan is. There are three different attack plans depending on what you are selling that you will learn so that you can successfully convert and presell your traffic before it even reaches your website or the product that you're promoting.

Video #3 -  Create Content - Once you have gotten your attack plan angle, it's time to create content that will not only educate, but gain your visitors’ trust. What we want to do is upon reading the PDF content, and once they click the link to your website or whatever you are trying to promote – we want them to be excited about either your product or taking the necessary action. We will also discuss specific word-processing software that you will need to use to create a fully-working PDF document.

Video #4 - Spice It UpBefore we move on, we want to cover how to turn your bland content into something beautiful and visually appealing. There are specific sites that we have tested out, which work extremely well for this specific step.

Video #5 - Types of Hyperlinks - Once you have your content in hand, it's time to add some hyperlinks so that when people view your PDF file they are able to click the link and be brought straight to your website or the website you were promoting. In the specific video, we will be talking about different hyperlinks.

Video #6 - Things to Gather - Before we complete this process and convert the content to a PDF file we want to gather a few more things, which we will discuss in this particular video.

Video #7 - Part 1: Convert to PDF - Basic Conversion - As I stated in the first video, there are two different ways to convert the PDF files. This software can only convert basic hyperlinks such as text hyperlinks.

Video #8 - Part 2: Convert to PDF - Hotspot Hyperlinks - If you want to know how to convert images or hotspots, the truth of the matter is that most software is unable to do this. Research revealed that the very expensive software called Adobe Acrobat Pro can do this, but rather than dishing out $400, I'm going to show you how to do it for much, much cheaper.

Video #9 - Upload and Generate Backlinks - At this point of the video course itself, you will have a PDF file with hyperlinks that link directly to the website that you want to rank and which drives traffic too. Now, the whole purpose of this video course is not just to drive traffic, but to get high authority backlinks to the site you want to rank. I'll show you several sites with high domain authority that will give your website the boost it needs. Keep in mind that this is a long-term strategy, with absolutely no black hat involved. That is why although this process does take a little bit of time, it is well worth it in the long term.

This training course is designed to show you how you can boost your SEO ranking and convert your prospects into customers at the same time!

There Videos...

Video #1 - Introduction and Overview


Video #2 - Choose Your Attack Plan


Video #3 - Create Content


Video #4 - Spice It Up


Video #5 - Types of Hyperlinks


Video #6 - Things to Gather


Video #7 - Part 1: Convert to PDF - Basic Conversion


Video #8 - Part 2: Convert to PDF - Hotspot Hyperlinks


Video #9 - Upload and Generate Backlinks

SEO Basics

Let's talk about SEO!

While this is covered in much more detail in the SEO Gold section, I thought I post some search engine optimization basics to get you going.

Let's get to it...

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Atomic Backlinking Videos

Atomic Backlinks Video Series 12 video set

Atomic Keyword Videos was engineered from the ground up to help you quickly and easily dominate ANY niche you choose. You see...

Thanks to the secret methods contained within you'll find yourself unearthing highly profitable keywords that get you piles of free organic traffic...

Inside this incredible guide is the complete and comprehensive information you need to make insane amounts of money using backlinks: What backlinks are and what they can do for you...

How to decide which types of backlinks to use and how to combine them for maximum profits...

Entirely unique and innovative ways to create backlinks in some of the most valuable web landscapes out there... And then imagine those targeted visitors taking action and buying what you're selling... this could be YOUR reality thanks to the amazingly fast and powerful Atomic Keyword Videos techniques.

Let's get to the video's...

Video 1

Keyword Research Basics:


Video 2

Long Tail Keywords:


Video 3

Google External Keyword Tool:


Video 4

Using Keyword Spy:


Video 5

Spy Fu:


Video 6

Using Wordtracker


Video 7

LSI Explained:


Video 8

Using Awstats:


Video 9

Keywords and Marketing:


Video 10

Keyword Mistakes:


Video 11

Keywords and PPC


Video 12


Link Wheel Success Videos

"Revealed : How To Roll Out The  Big Guns To Win The SEO War!"

How To Dominate The Search Engine Results Whilst Boosting Your Traffic & Income With This Step By Step Guide

Linkwheels are very misunderstood with people not realizing just how powerful they can be in the right hands. The Link Wheel Success program has been produced to address this need and to show you how you can create a network of sites which will help you to get your sites to the top of the search engines. Best of all, none of these sites will cost you a penny (unless you choose to outsource).

These powerful sites are easy to create yourself and can do some amazing things for your search engine rankings!

The Link Wheel Success program will show you how to create a network of sites that not only boosts your money site higher in the search engine rankings but also how to dominate the search engine results.

This set of 10 Videos explains it all. So let's get going...

Video 1

Video 2

Video 3

Video 4

Video 5

Video 6

Video 7

Video 8

Video 9

Video 10

RSS Auto Backlinks

I absolutely LOVE RSS. I think it was one of the greatest inventions to technology when it comes to the internet.

Why do I love RSS? Because they can be a great way to get backlinks completely on auto-pilot. See, there are many sites out there that allow you to "drop" your RSS feed.

In this post, I'll be explaining how you can use RSS to create backlinks to your sites, and put the process on automatic.

Sound Good?

Let's Get to it...

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