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I'm sure you've heard it many times before, so many people telling you they will show you the road to millions of hits a day. I know I'm tired of hearing it as well. The hardcore truth is, you don't need to pull any tricks or know any so-called secrets to bring traffic to your web sites.

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When I started on the net (over 12 years ago), I'd heard that SEO was the way to go, it would flood my websites with hungry cash in hand traffic... that is if I had a clue where to even start. I had no idea what Meta Tags were, or where to even put them! Let alone how to optimize my web pages so they would show up in the search engines better than page 100!

The experts talked about back links and anchor text, it was all gibberish to me back then. It seemed so easy for the guru's, it was as if they knew the magic code and the secret tricks to get the search engines loving their sites.

I was lucky if I found my pages in the first 10 pages!

I was fortunate enough to make friends with some successful online markters that helped me see the light. I even hired a SEO "guru" (for a healthy fee I might add). With their help and all kinds of trial and error, I finally learned something that really surprised me...

It's not difficult to get the traffic! There are no hidden secrets to getting ranked high, it all came down to simple techniques any one can do and any one can learn quickly!

Best of all, It works for anyone...

It's sure not brain surgery, any one can do it, any one.

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I've been there, maybe exactly where you are right now. I knew I needed traffic to make sales and create an income, but I didn't know how. 10 years ago I was as green as they come, I didn't where to even start.

Slowly but surely as I began to experiment and test, I started to see it was possible, even for a newbie like me. I just needed to do what worked.

I discovered how to get traffic because I've tried just about every conceivable way possible. I hired a search engine guru to teach me the ways. A friend of mine figured out the search engines and showed me the light. I was finally getting it. Some ideas did not even work and I'll tell you which ones, to save you the frustration I went through.

I began to finally realize, it wasn't that difficult after all, this was after I finally figured out the "how". Thing is, once I learned how, I applied the same ideas to all my sites and the results, we'll just say they were surprising. It seemed as if over night by stats starting showing more and more visitors, my affiliate accounts started displaying many more commissions, checks started filling the mailbox. Some affiliate programs even sent my checks FedX because I reached a higher plateau.

Understand this as well, It's not all about millions of hits.

It seems many marketers push the idea of million's of hits over night. What most people don't realize is that you don'tneed a ton of traffic to make good money! I have a site that was getting less than 200 hits day, yet it was earning me about a dollar per hit, and your going to learn how I did it.

I'll show you that you don't have to beat yourself up, thinking you needs tons of traffic to make money. You don't need the stats counter spinning like crazy to get paid.

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From the Gold Traffic Vault:

Advanced Traffic Blueprint - All kinds of traffic videos for you today. Best yet, this series covers multiple sources so you can create more reliable traffic streams of buyers. 10 Videos with some fantastic ways to drive traffic.

Bing Ads Success - 10 part video series is your step-by-step series that will show you how to get massive traffic from the bing search engine. Here is one of the fastest ways to generate traffic and make more money.

Bing Traffic Videos - The Ten Dollar Traffic Tip. Drive Low Cost Traffic To Any Website For Less Than Ten Dollars. 5 quality videos in the series.

Buyer Traffic Funnel Videos - It's one thing to generate traffic. But as you know, not all traffic is equal. It's another thing to generate traffic that buyers and converts.This alone can be the difference between a online business owner who makes little income from their websites to one who makes the big bucks.

Content Marketing Blueprint Videos - Tired of still not seeing the impressive returns that the online world can offer you? This alone can be the difference between a online business owner who makes little income from their websites to one who makes the big bucks.This is Your Chance to Finally Skyrocket your sales, by drastically increasing your visibility, authority and trust, online!

Fast Free Traffic Formula - 12 video series that details 12 ways to drive traffic to your website for free and fast traffic at that.

Fast Traffic Secrets 2.0 - 52 minute video covers some very powerful ways to drive tons of traffic. Both free and paid. You'll also be access to the Fast Traffic Secrets 2.0 VIP Traffic Video, with another 21 minutes with visitor getting tactics and techniques.

Free Traffic System Videos - 20 Video's covering how to Drive FREE traffic and boost your business. Includes Social Media and YouTube traffic generation.

Google Ads Mastery Videos - Create Massive profits with Google Ads using these never before revealed tricks and techniques. After you’ve gone through this guide, you’ll know EXACTLY how to set up your Google AdWords campaigns properly, so you get more clicks, cheaper clicks, slash your ad costs, and maximize your return on investment (ROI).

Media Traffic Gold Video's - Without a doubt, the fastest way to grow your business is to buy your traffic. No time consuming SEO, no backlinks, no blog posts, no guest post and more. This video series will show you how to safely purchase traffic and increase your business, like never before.

Newbie Traffic Explosion -  Newbie Traffic Explosion is a high-quality multi-video training package revealing no nonsense, straight to the point methods anyone can use to get targeted traffic regardless of budget or experience.

Pay Per Click Made Easy - 16 Videos show you first hand how to use PPC to Get INSTANT Quality Traffic to Your Websites and Boost your Sales and Profits.

Rapid Press Release Traffic - Expert internet marketer reveals to you a short cut to rapidly increasing your backlinks, market research and ranking higher in Google, and Yahoo quicker than ever! Six quality video's giving up all the goodies.

Secret Traffic Code Video's - Discover the real secrets behind the FREE ultra targeted traffic generation methods that the guru's don't want you to know about.

Shopify Traffic Videos - 8 Videos that show how to drive massive traffic to your Shopify E-Store and Increase conversion by 400%. Proven and effective ways to earn 6 figures within a few months. Even if you're just a newbie, you can expect to digest every piece of information in this course at ease.

Traffic Babylon Videos - This 12 video series will show you how to send your website traffic through the roof. Boost your business and your sales.

Traffic Explosion Videos - 6 part video course that I've put together to help new and experienced marketers generate a HUGE array of traffic from 6 different sources.

Traffic Rockstar Domination - Complete guide of the SEO and traffic generation strategies that has worked like crazy, and now you can have the same traffic domination tactics all the IM Rockstars use to drive targeted traffic visitors to their sites, cash in hand! 14 hard hitting video's that give you all the details.

Video Marketing 2 Made Easy - These simple and over the shoulder videos will enable you to increase your learning and get the most out of Video Marketing for your business.

Video Marketing Made Easy 3.0 - Wondering how to grab audience attention and retain them forever? Harness the Immense Power of Video Marketing and Generate Tons of Targeted Traffic to Boost Leads, Sales and Profits without Draining Your Bank Accounts Empty.

Video Traffic Unleashed - Video series giving you a step by step guide that reveals how in the next couple of hours you could be enjoying more traffic and more profits from video!

Viral Marketing Warrior - 6 Quality Video's - Discover A Powerful System That You Can Use Right Now To Quickly Generate More Traffic And Sales... With Barely ANY Effort On Your Part!

Youtube Ads Traffic - Step-By-Step Video Series Makes It Easy To Get Targeted Traffic That Converts For Pennies Per Click With YouTube Advertising. 10 Quality Videos.

YouTube Celebrity Videos - Step By Step 10 Part Video Series Will Who You How To Become a YouTube Celebrity and Drive Traffic, Generate Leads and Build Your Reputation.

YouTube Traffic Meltdown - The best way to quickly rank a YouTube video on page one of Google. You'll even get a look over the shoulder video to see exactly how it's done.

Zero Cost Traffic - How to get free traffic to your website with these 10 hot video tutorials. Proven methods to generate traffic without paying a dime. You'll Finally Find Out Easy-To-Implement Tactics To Generating a Ton of Free Traffic!

What bout Social Media Traffic? You and I know It's Where Everyone Is Hanging Out there Days.

I have you covered there as well... check this out..

Here's What You'll Get In the Social Media Traffic Gold Vault:

Facebook Ads Authority - In this Video Series you will Discover How to Use Facebook Ads To Push Traffic To Your Websites, Get More Leads and Make More Sales.

Facebook Ads Traffic Videos - 10 Video Series Reveals: The Insiders Playbook To Unlocking Facebook For Unlimited Targeted Traffic That Drives Visitors To Your Websites and Makes You More Sales.

Facebook Banner Ad Mastery Videos - 5 part video series that shows how to get the most from banner ads on the social giant Facebook.

Facebook Cash Bandit Videos - 10 Videos. Discover Step By Step How To Steal Cheap Clicks and Sales Using The Power Of Facebook! Reach More Customers, Drive Sales and Get Results With Facebook's Powerful "All-In-One" Business Platform!

Facebook Traffic Revised - Strategies for driving traffic with facebook ads and how to increase your conversions at the same time. 9 Part Video Series.

Instagram Ads Made Easy - Instagram has 600 Million monthly active users and highest browsers to buyer ratio. Now, you have the biggest opportunity to turn your site into an ultimate traffic magnet and increase profit at breathtaking speed.

Instagram Stories Marketing Videos - How To Leverage Instagram And Its Brand New ‘Stories’ Feature To Get Highly Engaged Followers, Traffic, And Make As Much Money As Possible...

LinkedIn Ads Made Easy 2 Videos -  Still struggling to dive into boatloads of high-paying customers? This is your Ultimate Chance to tap into a Vast Pool of Hungry Buyers & Boost Profits without Spending much...

Linkedin Marketing Made Easy -  Still seeking to get tons of qualified leads for your offers? Tap into the world’s largest professional networking site to grow your network and get highly targeted leads without making any extra efforts. 21 quality videos.

Linkedin Traffic Videos - Discover The Secrets To Linkedin Marketing And Leverage Its Power To Earn Bring Countless Targeted, Relevant Visitors To Your Offers. These 10 Quality Videos Show You The How.

Modern Facebook Marketing - 12 quality videos that show how to properly market on Facebook and drive buying traffic to your websites or blogs.

Periscope For Entrepreneurs - How to grab your share of the Periscope Audience. Only need a smartphone and a twitter account. 9 Quality video's.

Periscope Marketing Excellence - Discover how to generate tons of targeted traffic and profits from one of the fastest growing social media websites. 10 video series.

Pinterest Traffic Smasher - 10 part Step By Step video series that will show you how to generate traffic with Pinterest with a simple and easy to follow system.

Pinterest Traffic Videos - Step-By-Step Training Reveals How To Unlock The Power Of Pinterest And Generate Unlimited Free, Targeted Traffic To Your Websites. 10 Videos.

Rapid Hashtag Traffic - Another step by step 9 video series that will show you how to drive highly targeted traffic from Twitter, Facebook and other social websites.

Rapid Instagram Traffic Videos - Brand-New, 8-Part, Step-By-Step Video Course. "Want to Learn How to Rapidly Grow a Super Targeted Instagram Fan Base... The Right Way?"

Snapchat Traffic Videos - 10 Vidoes  Show You How To Become A Snapchat Marketing Expert, Build A Following, And Get As Much Targeted Traffic As You Want.

Social Media Domination - 10 Part video series about how you can dominate your niche using the power of social media and build an audience that will love your brand.

Social Media Massacre - Video series that gives you some powerful tactics and techniques to harness the power of social media in all aspects. 8 power packed videos.

Social Traffic Control - 7 video series that will give you the right tools you'll need in your social media arsenal to boost and automate your social media presence.

Social Traffic Profits Videos - Discover how to generate high quality leads for your niche using social media websites. 6 information rich videos.

Twitter Marketing Videos - Start generating FREE traffic even faster with this 10 part Twitter Marketing video series. Step-by-Step course for massive traffic.

But Hang On... Here Is Were You Can Really Bring in the Traffic AND The Sales...

Here's What You'll Get In the Search Engine Optimization Gold Vault:

Atomic Backlinks Video Series - 12 quality video's that give you secret methods to unearth highly profitable keywords that will get your piles of free organic traffic.

Breaking Some SEO Myths - Here's where I talk about some of the SEO myths that seem to keep going around and around, including what's true and what's not from my experience.

Guide To SEO Videos - REVEALED: The New Guide For Getting Rankings And Hordes Of High-Quality Traffic With SEO...

Link Wheel Success Video's - This video series show you how to dominate the search engine results while boosting your traffic and income.

On Page SEO Videos - Announcing The Brand New, 9-Part, Step-By-Step Video Course... Finally, Discover How to Get Better Search Engine Rankings By Making Your WordPress Website More SEO Friendly... Starting Today!

PDF Backlink Traffic - This 9 Part Video Series will show you how to Boost Your SEO rank and Generate Targeted Traffic Using a Special Backlink Strategy.

SEO For Success - Four video's that cover the important aspects of search engine optimization.

SEO Guide Videos - 10 Videos - REVEALED: The New Guide For Getting Rankings And Hordes Of High-Quality Traffic With SEO...

SEO Reborn Video's - Introducing a complete underground secret SEO solution in ranking your website on the first page of Google without paying a dime for traffic!

SEO Revolution - 15 Part Video Series - If you are thinking about revamping your SEO strategy, here is an excellent opportunity to attract tons of website traffic, improve Search engine Visibility and make a killing.

SEO Social Signals - 8 Videos That give you the details for proper Social Signals for your SEO campaigns, that could increase your website rankings and drive more quality traffic to your websites.

Traffic Armour Keywords - 11 video tutorials that will show you how to use killer keywords to increase your website traffic.

Traffic Generation and SEO - Uncover the blueprint to putting your offer in front of more buying customers than ever before.

WordPress SEO Videos - Brand New 8-Part Video Course on How to Rank Your WordPress Site Consistently On Google and Other Search Engines...Starting Today.

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